Exploring Gilfach - Cultural Heritage

Exploring Gilfach

Cultural Heritage

Julian Ravest

Farming for Generations

Gilfach's Longhouse dates from the 16th century.  A simple, practical building, it provided housing for people at one end and shelter for livestock in winter at the other.

Gilfach historical interpretation - Early Phase 1 Byre

Gilfach historical interpretation - Early Phase 1 Longhouse

Gilfach Longhouse

Photo of the restored Gilfach Longhouse

Through the Millennia

People have been living in the Marteg Valley for thousands of years.  This burial cairn was built by Bronze Age people around 3000 years ago.

Gilfach historical interpretation - Stone Cairn

Gilfach historical interpretation - Stone Burial Cairn

Journey through Time

Journey Through Time Chronological Table II

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For even more information on the cultural heritage of Gilfach, please take a look at the detailed report linked below: