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Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

Large white butterfly in field of devil's-bit scabious by Silvia Cojocaru, Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

About us

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK and one of 5 within Wales.  With the invaluable support of volunteers and members, we manage 18 nature reserves in Radnorshire.  We also work with other landowners and organisations to protect and connect wildlife sites across the county and inspire local communities and young people where they live.

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Bringing people closer to nature

Education, volunteering, health and well being

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How we're funded

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is a charity, and as such we rely on the support of membership subscriptions, donations, grants, legacies and other funding sources to allow us to carry out our work.

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