Wye Adapt to Climate Change? Project

River Wye in Winter

Wye Adapt to Climate Change? Project

The Wye Adapt to Climate Change? (WACC) project focuses on recovering nature and creating a climate-resilient landscape within the River Wye and its catchment. We aim to create a climate resilient landscape and promote nature recovery in the River Wye catchment. We hope to work with local communities and landowners to provide support and advise on ways to adapt and become more resilient to climate change.  The project is a partnership between the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, and Wye Valley National Landscape, funded by The National Lottery Climate Action Fund.

                                                        River Wye (Afon Gwy)

The River Wye (Afon Gwy), is crucial for wildlife conservation and is both a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a special are of conservation (SAC). Some of the main tributary to the Wye are the Lugg, Ithon, Elan, Irfon and Monnow spanning most of Radnorshire. Aside from its beauty, the River Wye supports an array of interesting species from Kingfishers to Atlantic Salmon and is vital in supporting many communities.

WYE is the river under threat from climate change?

  • Climate change: Increased drought flooding events and severity
  • Pollution: Nitrate and Phosphate pollution from agricultural runoff
  • Invasive non-native species



Engagement with landowners is aimed at finding opportunities for mitigating against and adapting to climate change, providing solutions to farm management issues related to climate change and benefitting the wider area. The project offers free advice to landowners and tenants providing opportunity reports, sign posting to funding and, where possible, assistance with applications. For example, through implementing sustainable land management and Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) including Natural Flood Management (NFM), tree planting to increase shade for livestock, and managing and making best use of surface water run-off.

Local communities

Working with local individuals, groups and communities to support them to combat climate change. We aim to set up a community network throughout Radnorshire to help passionate people work together to help tackle climate change in the Wye catchment. We are looking to host and work with people hosting a range of events from wildlife walks and talks to Wye wide events. Let us know how we can support your local community to help save the Wye and adapt to climate change.

Contact Information

Wye adapt to climate change? Let us know how we can support you by getting in touch today!

Please contact Sarenta King the Wye Adapt to Climate Change Project Officer for the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust for more information in ways we can work together to battle climate change in the Wye catchment.

sarenta@rwtwales.org OR 07939839421

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