30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild

Go WILD with Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

Can you do one wild thing a day throughout the whole of June? We believe you can! Join thousands of people taking part in our annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild! Do it for your health, wellbeing, wildlife and the planet!


30 Days Wild 2020 - Girl

What is 30 Days Wild?

30 Days Wild is the UK's month-long nature campaign run by The Wildlife Trusts. Now in its sixth year, sign up and take part with hundreds of thousands of people across the UK (and do your bit to help wildlife, too!).

30 Days Wild brings people closer to nature where you live, taking small actions that can collectively have a big impact! From little things such as watching a bee from your window or feeding the birds, to digging a pond in your garden: every Random Act of Wildness counts.

If you want to see what others are getting up to, just check out #30DaysWild on social media.

Why take part?

While nature needs us more than ever, the reverse is also true. We’re all part of nature, and it should be a part of our lives.

Over the past five years, The Wildlife Trusts has been working with the University of Derby to find out about the impact that 30 Days Wild has on participants. The results show that people feel happier and healthier after taking part, and for months after too! 


Who are The Wildlife Trusts?

The Wildlife Trusts is a grassroots movement, made up of 46 individual Wildlife Trusts operating in every corner of the UK, Alderney and the Isle of Man. We care for 2,300 incredible wild places, from remote woods and wild rivers to inner city pockets of nature. We also look after the amazing wildlife that lives on our coasts and in our seas. By taking part in 30 Days Wild, you can help us to achieve our mission of bringing people closer to nature, and land and seas rich in wildlife.

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is one of the 46 and we look after wildlife in Radnorshire.

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What is a Random Act of Wildness?

A Random Act of Wildness is any thing that you can do in an average working day to bring a little nature into your life. They can take a few seconds, a few minutes, or if you lose yourself completely, a few hours! We've put a few ideas below - but you can make up your own, too!

Nap in nature

Nap in nature by Matthew Roberts

Read a wild book

Read a wild book

Learn a wild birdsong

Birdwatch from the window by Ben Hall 2020VISION

Plant a mini nature reserve

Plant a mini nature reserve by Shutterstock

What are you waiting for? 

Whether you are five or ninety-five, it's time to let nature into your life!

Go wild...

Pen a wild story

Writing in nature by Matthew Roberts

Gaze at the moon

Looking through binoculars by David Tipling 2020VISION