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Living Landscapes

What is a Living Landscape?

A Living Landscape is a recovery plan for nature covering Wales and the rest of the UK.  It is a new way of thinking about how we manage the land to do more for wildlife, people and the economy.

In Radnorshire...

We have started to think big.  Whilst looking after our nature reserves, we have been working with local farmers and landowners to help them restore and manage habitats so that wildlife can be safeguarded and move more easily through the landscape in response to climate change.  Our Living Landscape projects include:

  • The Hills of Radnor Living Landscape

  • Cwm Marteg Living Landscape

The vision is to have a healthy future for wildife and people.


Hills of Radnor Wildlife Scoping Project

In 2014/15, Radnorshire Wildlife Services was contracted to undertake a scoping study to gain a better understanding of wildlife in the Hills of Radnor area and look for enhancement opportunities that would benefit both people and wildlife. The study was funded by Environment Wales.

The work involved collating wildlife records and producing maps, talking to community groups and landowners about their aspirations and developing an action plan to help move forward wildlife conservation and engagement of communities. Three wildlife walks (see PDFs below) were created in the area to encourage people to enjoy this remote area.

The study found that wildlife is under-recorded in many parts of the Living Landscape area apart from Beacon Hill Common. More than 30 groups, schools and individuals were contacted, with people being supportive of action for wildlife. The town of Knighton already has lots of activities taking place that support the environment. However there is scope for a funded project based right across the Living Landscape area that would support landowners in habitat management, work with volunteers to do targeted surveys of priority species and undertake talks and activities within individual communities.

The report can be read below. Contact details of landowners and individuals are confidential and do not form part of the published report.


FilenameFile size
rwt-hills-of-radnor-living-landscape.pdf1.58 MB
rwt-cwm-marteg-living-landscape.pdf919.51 KB
living-landscapes-booklet.pdf21.33 MB
Hills of Radnor Report 20151.33 MB
wildwalk-rwt-beaconhill-heather-pools-final.pdf384.38 KB
wildwalk-rwt-dragonflies-maelienydd-final.pdf328.01 KB
wildwalk-rwt-gorslydan-tylcau-final.pdf247.17 KB