Rhos Pasture Restoration Project - Tourism Feasibility Study

Rhos Pasture Restoration Project - Tourism Feasibility Study

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust wish to engage a contractor to undertake a feasibility study to assess the potential for nature-based tourism focused around rhos pasture and its associated habitats.

Tourism is an important element of the local economy and is a growing economic sector into which both farmers and other land owners are diversifying.  A main attraction to this area is the beautiful landscape, a natural and historic environment, rich in wildlife with the remains of past human activity. 

This feasibility study will:

  • Research the current offer for and providers of nature based tourism in the project area including the different audience groups that are currently targeted.
  • Assess the viability of nature-based tourism. This will include working with farmers and landowners of rhos pasture involved in the project as well as existing local tourism providers to identify possible opportunities for development.
  • Identify ways in which wildlife tourism can be better marketed to a range of audiences.  
  • Research and develop the potential for a “Wildlife Experience” tourism offer to enable visitors to get closer to nature and better understand the wildlife that Radnorshire has.  

The fixed price for the contract is £5000.

For more details on the study please see the brief below. 

Closing date for a tender is 21 November 2021.

Enquires can be made to Lucy Morton, Project Manager - lucy@rwtwales.org 

Rhos Pasture Tourism Feasibility Brief