A mountainous walk on the rooftop of Radnorshire.


Radnor Forest

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SO 190 649
A static map of Mynydd Ffoesidoes

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33 hectares

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By Fishpools

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Walking trails

No real paths and the deep, springy heather makes for difficult going under foot.


A difficult to access reseve high into the Radnor Forest.  Recommended only for the determined and those suited to this rugged terrain.  Be prepared for all weathers up here. 

The reserve can be reached at all times by foot via the many forest tracks into Radnor Forest (access land) using an OS map. 


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When to visit

Opening times

All year round.

Best time to visit

July to August

About the reserve

At Radnorshire's rooftop, it's hardly surprising the vegetation is dominated by sub-montane shrub heath, some of the finest in Radnorshire, undamaged by fire or over-grazing for many years. 

Boggy pools are dimpled across the nature reserve and are home to a range of water beetles and other mini-beasts that can tolerate the acidic, peaty water.  Over forty species of beetle have been recorded, including the ground beetle and the heather weevil.

The hen harrier can sometimes be seen gliding across the heather moorland along with other birds of prey.  Roe deer and the brown hare are one of the few mammals that may be spotted flitting about whilst the lichen called the 'reindeer lichen' Cladonia portentosa can be found across the reserve on dead bilberry stems. The more noteable Trapeliopsis glaucolepidea and Micarea nitschkeana lichens are also found here.

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Radnorshire Wildlife Trust
Contact number: 01597 823298
Contact email: info@rwtwales.org

Environmental designation

Scheduled Ancient Monument
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)