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Missed the salmon at Gilfach?

If you didn't manage to make it to Gilfach Nature Reserve to see the salmon return to their spawning grounds, or you did visit but didn't manage to see anything then click on the links below to see some live action via YouTube.

See the salmon leap in this video footage shot last year at Gilfach Nature Reserve by Powys local Graham Law.

Get a salmon's eye view here as they swim through the rapids at Marteg. Filmed by Kieran Kelly.

4th Dec 2014

Rare Insects found at Cwm Byddog

Dorcatoma substriata naturNot one but two rare species have been discovered at Cwm Byddog nature reserve

A visit by the Ancient Tree Forum in April found larvae of the beetle Dorcatoma substriata in a piece of bracket fungus. When hatched out, the adults were identified by expert entomologist, Keith Alexander. It's a first record of this beetle species in Radnorshire, and only the third known Welsh record.

Not long after, an unusual gall on a Yellow Archangel plant was spotted by John Ockenden and Philip Marshall. Further research with assistance from Dr. Margaret Redfern and Dr. Keith Harris, revealed the gall to be caused by a rare species of midge, Dasineura strumosa. This turned out to be a first record for Wales, and it is also rarely recorded in England.

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Wildflowers at Visitor Centre
Flagstones mark an old path
View of reserve
Gilfach longhouse
Flowering anthill
Salmon carving
Afon Marteg
Autumn colours
Hoar frost
Gilfach redstart
Pool habitat

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