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Patron Iolo Williams

President     Julian Gibson-Watt

Vice-President   David Garman OBE


Radnorshire Wildlife Trust was established in 1987. It is a registered charity (no.519021) and a company limited by guarantee (no.2132736) governed by its Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Who governs Radnorshire Wildlife Trust?

A team of Trustees are elected on to the Council of Management by members of Radnorshire Wildlife Trust at the Annual General Meeting to serve a three-year term. Trustees are not paid for their services. They are all volunteers.

Current List of Trustees

Chair                Chris Ledbury

Vice-Chair        Bill Stow

Secretary          Edmund Hayward

Treasurer          Heather Price

Trustees           Gafyn Blakeway

                         Jenny Fox

                        Vanessa Garwood

                         Pam Knight

                         Stephen Mullard

                         Hilary Rimington

The Trustees meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss how Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is progressing.  The team discuss whether the strategic goals are being met and delivered and to ensure the finances are managed properly.  Members of staff are often consulted and the RWT Director attends these meetings.

Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts

Who are RSWT?

RSWT stands for The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, more commonly referred to as 'The Wildlife Trusts.' It has its own charity number (no.207238) and was founded in 1912. It has undergone several name changes in that time.

RSWT operates as an umbrella body for the 46 individual Wildlife Trusts covering the whole of the UK, the Isle of Man and Alderney. They help to co-ordinate the individual Trusts' activities and campaigning at a UK level.

Wildlife Trusts Wales

Who are WTW?

WTW stands for Wildlife Trusts Wales is composed of the 5 individual Trusts in Wales. WTW has its own charity number (no.1045167) and company number (no.3032775).

WTW works with the Welsh Government to ensure that new legislation will protect wildlife.