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Barnes Memorial Lecture

Thursday 26th October 2017,
7.30pm - 9.30pm

Venue: Metropole Hotel

Steve Ormerod, Professor of Ecology at Cardiff University will give this year's lecture on "Alive in the river of light: a freshwater ecologist's journey."

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Heather, Pillwort & Pools Project on Beacon Hill

Project Profile: The Heather, Pillwort and Pools

In 2009, Radnorshire Wildife Trust received funding from Biffa Award to set up the Heather, Pillwort and Pools Project.


  • to gather up-to-date information about the species of birds, plants animals and insects on the Beacon.
  • to reduce the areas of bracken.
  • to improve the conservation value of the ponds.


  • creation of 27 new pools and scrapes
  • bracken control on over 200ha
  • detailed baseline surveys of aquatic vegetation and invertebrates
  • summer bird surveys
  • monitoring of the red grouse population
  • heather condition surveys
  • advice from The Heather Trust on land management issues
  • raised awareness of the importance of Beacon Hill amongst the local community
  • baseline survey of gorse encroachment on Pool Hill
  • repair of Beacon Lodge Pool dam
  • monitoring of recreation and other uses with help of volunteers
  • moth surveys with the help of volunteers
  • removal of a major eyesore with the help of volunteers
  • lobbying of The Crown Estate over the various issues affecting Beacon Hill
  • purchase of 197 acre Cnwch Bank (part of Beacon Hill Common)