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Our Clients

Here's a selection of recent projects and clients of Radnorshire Wildlife Services.

Extended Phase 1 survey - We have carried out a number of extended Phase 1 or 'ecological appraisals' for projects ranging from new dwellings to micro-hydro schemes and golf courses. We can provide a report on the habitats present, their ecological value and sensitivities and any requirements for additional surveys in view of the intended works.

Mitigation statements - Predominantly for bat species we have provided mitigation statements to support and inform planning applications. We can also report on impacts and mitigation for a range of other protected species.

Management plan for Presteigne and Norton Town Council - Management plan for a small grassland site open to the public. Carried out reptile, botanical, invertebrate surveys and soil sampling (pH, nitrate, phosphate, potassium) to inform a 5 year management plan. The site was unimproved neutral grassland with a small, breeding population of slow worm. We recommended low level grass cutting to maintain a tussock grassland that is species-rich, a species list for a new hedgerow and put up bird and bat boxes.

Wildlife and Tourism Grant support - We provided a supporting letter for an application for a Wildlife and Tourism scheme grant. The grant was to provide a wildlife garden designed to promote local wildlife and visitor access.

Wildlife Surveys with community group - We provided a series of surveys at a community owned woodland at Llangunllo. The Knighton Tree Awareness Trust has developed a long-term management plan to slowly convert the larch plantation into deciduous woodland with productive firewood timber. We carried out botanical, lower plant (lichen, moss and liverwort), bat and moth trapping surveys with the KTAT volunteers as part of base line surveys.

Invertebrate Surveys - surveys around Wales and north-west England of farmland and hedgerows, stream kick sample survey using BMWP, Marsh fritillary larval web and habitat survey.

Natural Mid Wales - Created a wildlife tourism map for use on the NMW website. The map illustrates the extent of the NMW area and some of the wildlife highlights to be found.

Code for Sustainable Homes - We have carried out CfSH ecology assessments for new dwellings. We visit the sites to survey the exiting habitats, calculate biodiversity gain/loss and provide advice and recommendations on credit allocation for each of the criteria.

Wildlife Audit of Wales - In collaboration with Welsh Wildlife Trust consultancies we created a database of Welsh wildlife sites and wildlife spectacles for wildlife tourism promotion. The database was mapped using GIS software for use by Visit Wales.

Advice on planning conditions - We produced a management plan for hedgerow management and tree planting to screen solar panels arrays along key view points.

Surveys for Hereford Parkland project - National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys of woodland, saprophytic beetle and invertebrate surveys of sites part of the Herefordshire Nature Trusts Parkland Project.