What we do

What we do

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

We protect wildlife

Together with our members and volunteers, we work to protect wildlife across Radnorshire, both on our 18 nature reserves and through our work with others.

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We manage natural landscapes

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust manages just over 400 hectares of land for wildlife. We also work with others to encourage and help them to manage their land, from gardens to farms and community green spaces, for wildlife.

Discovering nature with RWT

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

We teach people about the wonders of nature

We teach people of all ages to care for wildlife, through our work with schools and young people, training sessions and our family events.

We stand up for wildlife in Radnorshire

We campaign to raise awareness about issues affecting wildlife locally and nationally.  We work locally to ensure wildlife is protected - through our planning work, for example.