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Meet our team

Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) by Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

Working together for Radnorshire's wildlife.

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is run by a small dedicated team of 6 staff, whose work is overseen by a Council of Trustees.

Our Volunteers

Join a network of over a 100 like-minded people helping to protect Radnorshire's wildlife and countryside.

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Our Trustees

Our Trustees are a group of volunteers who hold the financial and legal responsibility for everything the Trust does.

Our Trustees

Our Staff

Our small dedicated team of staff are based at our offices in Llandrindod Wells, which are above the shop on High Street. 

James Hitchcock (Chief Executive Officer)

RWT James Hitchcock

James was formerly Estates Senior Manager at Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, where he worked since 2016. In this post he was responsible, amongst other things, for the overall management and strategic development of 54 nature reserves, covering more than 500 hectares of land. 

Before moving to Herefordshire, he spent eight years as Reserves Officer at Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, having started his career in 2004 in a similar role at BBOWT, the trust covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.    

Jonathan Stone (Reserves Officer)

RWT Jonathan Stone

Jonathan has been looking after Radnorshire Wildlife Trust's Nature Reserves since 2004. 

He is always keeping up to date with best practice on how to manage land for the benefit of wildlife.

Rob Podmore (Estates Worker)

Rob Podmore

Rob served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith and agricultural engineer before taking a change of direction working for the RSPB and Devon Wildllife Trust. 

Rob has been with Radnorshire Wildlife Trust since August 2006 and regularly supervises the conservation volunteer group.

Darylle Hardy (Project Development Manager)

Darylle Hardy

Darylle has worked for RWT for over 10 years leading on many projects, including most recently, managing the HLF Exploring Gilfach project from 2016 to 2019 before becoming RWT Director. 

In her new role, she will continue to oversee the development of several new projects.

Viv Geen (Project Manager, Rhos Pasture Restoration Project)

RWT Viv Geen

Viv started her 30 year career with the Environment Agency mainly working in Fisheries and Conservation.  At Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Viv took on the role of Planning and Wildlife Sites Officer and also took on the duties of the Biological Data Officer within this post.  She has also worked in the private sector for ecological consultancies. Most recently, Viv worked as the Wildlife Monitoring Officer for a farming and wildlife charity in Herefordshire.

Viv is passionate about farm wildlife and has a keen interest in the local heritage and crafts associated with farming communities.

Silvia Cojocaru (Community Wildlife Officer, Climate Change Cymru)

RWT Silvia Cojocaru

Silvia joined the RWT team as part of the HLF Exploring Gilfach project in 2018 before leading on the Black Grouse Recovery project in 2019.

Silvia is passionate about wildlife and is an excellent photographer, skills which she utilises in her work to engage with the community in her new role.

Emma Morgan (Membership, Admin and Press & Publicity)

RWT Emma Morgan

A local Radnorshire farmer's daughter who worked as a Script Editor in television before deciding to try something new.

Emma joined the team in September 2005 with her main duties revolving around membership.

Alicia Leow-Dyke (WTW Welsh Beaver Project Officer)

Alicia Leow-Dyke

Alicia has been the Wildlife Trusts Wales (WTW) Welsh Beaver Project Officer since 2016.  With over 10 years of experience working with beavers, Alicia is well placed at looking into the feasibility of re-introducing beavers to Wales.

Read more about the Welsh Beaver Project here.