Violet Coral

Clavaria zollingeri

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This striking violet coral-like fungus is found only occasionally and although widespread is quite rare. 

How to identify

A distinctive coral-like fungus of an intense deep violet colour. A number of erect branches up to 10cm tall grow out of a thick stem. The branches divide and the ends have shallow forks with blunt tips. The fungus is usually solitary or occurs in small groups.

Where to find it

It can be found in broadleaved and coniferous woodland as well as in unimproved grassland.


When to find it

  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November

How can people help

Fungi are an important part of our woodland ecology, helping to recycle nutrients from dead or decaying organic matter. Many animals depend on them, too. The Wildlife Trusts look after many woodland reserves, managing them for the benefit of the wildlife present, often leaving standing and fallen dead wood which supports fungi. You can help by having log piles and dead wood in your own garden to encourage fungi. In partnership with the RHS, The Wildlife Trusts' Wild About Gardens initiative can help you plan your wildlife garden

Species information

Common name
Violet Coral
Latin name
Clavaria zollingeri
Fruit body up to 10cm high and similar in width. Individual stems are 4-7mm in diameter.
Conservation status