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Wildlife in Radnorshire 2017

Skipper Butterfly by Megan Shersby

A report produced and published by Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

This slim and highly readable report, attractively illustrated throughout with many colour photographs, was produced by RWT staff, Radnorshire County Recorders and other local experts. It describes our local wildlife losses and gains, including: Fungi, lichens and plants; Invertebrates; Fish; Amphibians and reptiles; Birds; Mammals. It discusses how losses can be tackled, describing recent examples of biodiversity recovery projects in Radnorshire and proposing priorities for RWT’s work over the next five years.


The report arose as a response to successive UK and Wales-wide State of Nature reports in 2013 and 2016 which showed that many species are in deep trouble. As a Wildlife Trust we asked ourselves what we were doing about the losses and whether we could do more, either alone or with others. The summary report now published is based on detailed analysis of large data sets, and we plan in due course to make a much more detailed report available to download on the internet.


The 15 page report was launched by Professor Steve Ormerod, Chair of the RSPB from 2012-2017, at RWT’s annual Barnes Lecture on October 26th. It is available free of charge to all RWT members thanks to the Llysdinam Trust, who generously funded all printing costs. We are grateful to everyone who donated their expertise, time and photographs, and particular thanks go to the editor, RWT Trustee Pam Knight, who worked hard and skilfully to pull everything together.


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wildlife_in_radnorshire_2017_final.pdf2.91 MB