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Posted: Tuesday 22nd August 2017 by ExploringGilfach

A fleet of stunning Red Admirals have emerged from their cocoons en masse around the old farmyard at Gilfach.

We have been seeing a lot of freshly minted Red Admirals in the old farmyard where they have been particularly attracted to the garden border marjoram and teasels and the Longhouse buddleia's. Red Admiral caterpillars feed on nettles so they appreciate the odd untidy corner in the garden - this could be a good excuse for avoiding weeding! They are competing with Peacocks and the odd Painted Lady - whose fascinating  transeuropean migratory habits have been documented recently by Martha Karney on the BBC. Red Admirals are one of the few butterflies who hibernate as adults in the UK. When autumn comes, they will start seeking out sheltered places to hide from the cold. If they come into your house, try to gently take them out to a shed or similar unheated building. The lack of heating will enable them to become dormant, so they can make it through the winter without feeding.

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